David Heinemeier Hansson

Creator of Ruby on Rails. Cofounder of Basecamp & HEY. Best selling author. Le Mans class-winning driver. Antitrust advocate.

Dreaming Bigger With Rails 2022: Fireside Chat

3 Secrets to Learn Anything, DHH on MetaLearn

DHH – Building HEY with Hotwire, 151

In this episode David and Adam talks about using Hotwire to develop Basecamp's new email service HEY while shipping only 40kb of JavaScript to the client.

Link to Full Stack Radio Dec 28, 2020

Hey vs Apple, a Keep Productive Interview with DHH

2 Jul 2020

Basecamp HEY Q&A AMA w/ JF + DHH

Basecamp's DHH and Jason Fried have a Q&A, AMA session on 26 Jun 2020.

DHH on 20VC, Why It Is The Biggest BS To Chase Being A Unicorn

20VC: Basecamp Founder David Heinemeier Hansson on Why It Is The Biggest BS To Chase Being A Unicorn, His Relationship to Wealth and Status and Why Now More Than Ever It Is A Myth Entrepreneurs Have To Raise VC. 14th April 2020

Go Against the Grain /w DHH | Chase Jarvis LIVE

7 Mar 2018

The Heartbeat Interview: David Heinemeier Hansson

10 Oct 2017

David (DHH) on Rails performance and speed

20 Apr 2016

A Real-World SuperLearner, DHH, Ep.86

David on The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

16 Nov 2016

Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson

8 Jun 2015

David on The Pareto Principle and Stoic Philosophy, Ep.30

See the podcast chapters, resources, recommendations and tips here. Developer on also Fire provide a link for MP3 download. And check out the Developer On Fire website where inspiring software developers tell their stories. 04 September 2015

Jellyvision Q&A with DHH & Jason Fried

David and Jason Fried have a Q&A session with Jellyvision. 27 Aug 2014

David Heinemeier Hansson - Ruby on Rails, Startups, Culture

RailsConf Europe 08: DHH and Rails Core Members, Panel Discussion